POLi is Safe, Secure Genuinely Convenient

POLi is an e-wallet that is Australia-based. As a financial transfer system online, POLi stands for Pay OnLine, which is fairly self-explanatory. POLi is a really convenient banking option for Australians, and facilitates them being able to transfer money from their own bank accounts to an online casino accounts in order to play real money pokies with total security, confidentiality and ease. The perfect pokies adventure, with all the bells and whistles is now only a couple of clicks away.

The POLi Business Model

POLi commenced operations in 2008, quickly becoming a significant and reliable player in the internet payments industry. POLi was introduced by the eminent Centricom group who are based in Melbourne, Australia. The aim of the service was to help antipodean customers make the most of online payments by facilitating the transfer of funds directly, quickly and totally seamlessly between the customers’ bank account and the online vendor.

Clearly this also works extremely well with online casino accounts, especially at RealOnlinePokiesAustralia.biz, where the best casinos have been sorted out and listed. These casinos are all POLi-friendly. This POLi payment option is therefore available at these casino sites, and to simplify things even further, all that it takes to utilise this system is the selection of this option at the casino website. Once selected, all customers do is simply choosing their own bank and follow the prompts.

The only prerequisite is that users need to make sure that they have installed the POLi web browser. Payment can then quickly be completed using the Pay Anyone function at their banking facility.

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Installing the POLi Browser

Users need to install the the POLi web browser to facilitate this e-wallet. This includes ensuring that the computer being used meets a number of minimum criteria and specifications, which is standard operating procedure. Once completed, casino players in Australia have access to a most convenient payment system with a range of benefits that include some of the most advanced security features in the industry.

The downloaded POLi software is effectively a single-purpose internet browser. This browser provides the interface to access your own banks’ website by displaying all the instructions required for completing transactions. The transactions actually take place within your banks’ internet banking site, so the internet vendor, online casino and POLi itself have no access to your bank account number, or any sensitive data at all. The only data that the POLi browser can access is transaction receipt number, thereby confirming the transaction for your records.

Benefits of POLi

The POLi online payment system is free to use, and being able to join an online casino without requiring a credit card is very appealing to many online users and casino players.

Besides, knowing that your money is as secure as your own banking site evokes true peace of mind when dealing with casinos and gambling sites. There are also no signups involved or account management required. The receipts are instantaneous, there are savings on credit card fees and transactions don’t need payment details every single time, all of which are ideal for online casino play. This explains why POLi is so popular and used by so many casino high rollers. The POLi money management system is simple, functional and practical.